Benefits of Massage



Benefits of Massage!

Physical Level

Deep relaxation and stress reduction Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
Reduced muscle spasm and tension Joint flexibility & range of motion
Promoted deeper and easier breathing Better circulation of both blood and lymph
Reduced blood pressure Relief of tension or eye-strain headaches
Healthier, better nourished skin Improved posture
Faster healing from pulled muscles General health maintenance

Mental Level
Relaxed state of alertness Reduced mental stress: a calmer mind
Greater ability to monitor stress signals Increased capability for clearer thinking

Emotional Level

Feeling of well-being Reduced levels of anxiety
Increased awareness of mind-body connection Enhanced self image

REDUCE ANXITY Sometimes our daily lives take a physical and emotional toll on our bodies. Massage sessions provide an effective way to relieve anxieties.

REDUCE STRESS One massage session can relieve both mental and physical stress.

INCREASE Circulation Increasing blood circulation has many healthful benefits to the body. These range from building the immune system to boosting your metabolism.

REDUCE TENSION HEADACHES Some headaches can be caused by tightness in the neck and shoulder muscles. By reducing or eliminating the tightness in these muscled the headaches will subside.

BREAKS DOWN ADHESHIONS Stretching and loosening the muscles restores freedom of movement