Steamy Wonder

Steam Body Wraps
Boost metabilism to help lose weight and melt inches while detoxifying the body!! A nuturing Belgian product with 10 esential oils will be used during treatment!

Dreaming of Steaming?

Enjoy deeper relaxation and enhanced treatment results by adding steam therapy to your massage or body treatment. Experience the warmth of a private, aromatic steam bath in the Steamy Wonder Steam Canopy.

A deep pore cleansing steam bath hydrates the skin, warms and relaxes all the muscles in the body and lulls you into a dreamy land of quiet, peace, and renewal.

Steam Therapy also:

Restores Vigor and Vitality
Promotes Weight Loss
Stimulates Release of Toxins
Alleviates Muscle Soreness
Relieves Joint Stiffness
Eases Congestion
Creates Soft, Radiant and Healthy Skin
Increases Resistance to Illness

Sugar Body Scrubs

Exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin for a smoother touch.  Will not dry out sensitive skin.  Your choice of scents available.  $130.