Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is long, gliding strokes. This massage is used for relaxation, boosting circulation and a feeling of well-being. ($60hr)

Deep Therapeutic Massage

Similar to Swedish, however, the depth of each stroke is much deeper, penetrating the painful muscle tissue with kneading and pressure for relief of deep muscle pain. Therapists may use knuckles, forearms and/or elbows as needed to increase the depth of massage for the needed relief of pain. ($70hr)

Stone Massage

Warm stones are incorporated into the massage to provide a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. ($80hr)

Couples Massage

Great for newly weds and couples desiring to share the experience together. You may choose the amount of time and the type of massage you want.($60 to $70hr)

Prenatal Massage

Helps to stabilize hormone levels and diminish back pain, fatigue and other discomforts during and after pregnancy. ($75hr)

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage that focuses on muscle groups associated with performance activity. Can be used to help maintain peak performance, prevent injuries, prepare for an event, and rehabilitate damaged areas. ($70hr)

Raindrop Therapy

Massage is a significant component of Raindrop Therapy treatment.  Aromatherapy, heat and massage have been rated most effective.  Participants receiving Raindrop Therapy experience less pain, depression, anxiety, and improved sleep.  Aides with circulation, inflammation, stress releif, improves immune functions, and more... ($140)

Back Facial

Cleansing of the back, hydrating, masking, and eliminating dry, dead skin.  Extractions included.  ($120)